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Labyrinth Walks

The labyrinth is considered to be a sacred archetype, where the psyche can join with the soul. A labyrinth walk can become a metaphor for a spiritual journey, or walked as a group, for a shared journey. There is one path – both symbolically and literally. It is a universal symbol, crossing most major world religions. The labyrinth is a universal tool – anyone can walk it, regardless of age or spiritual orientation.

Walking the labyrinth can take a variety of forms, with no single way being the “right” way. It can be a solemn occasion, a joyous one, one walked briskly, or one walked slowly. Experience has taught that the labyrinth reflects back to the seeker whatever he or she needs to discover from a new level of conscious awareness.

One tradition for walking the labyrinth involves three distinct phases: release, receive, return. As one enters the labyrinth, there is the opportunity to let go of whatever is the burden, to release, to cleanse. Once the journey reaches the center, for there is only one path in and the same path out, there is opportunity for reflection and illumination – to receive whatever the higher power has to give you. Finally, on the journey back out to the world, there is the opportunity for union – union with the Higher Power involving rebirth, new life, and a new consciousness.

Margaret hosts labyrinth walks upon request.

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Embracing Your Soul’s Journey is an annual overnight labyrinth retreat in Houston, Texas co-led by Margaret. The retreat is held each year, in the spring. If you would like to receive priority notification for event registration, please join our mailing list.

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