Recovery from Surgery

The response of the human body to surgery can be varied and affect many of its systems from a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual perspective. The body uses pain as a way to recognize that an injury has occurred and in this case a surgical incision and either removal or addition (in the case of joint replacement) is the trigger event. Recovery is often reflected in a variety of ways including the lack of complications, use of medication, time to discharge and other factors.

Healing Touch has been used prior to cardiac angioplasty with a reduction in adverse outcomes. Using Healing Touch before surgery was found to significantly decrease worry and increase satisfaction. The Healing Touch group also showed a decrease in upsetness, sadness, and shortness of breath; and an increase in calmness, hope and happiness.

Healing Touch is being used in hospitals across the country. Patients can request a session if Healing Touch is part of the hospital services or may bring in an outside practitioner.

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