The Hara Line – Main Energy Line through the Body

The Hara Line is a laser-like line that connects us with the energy from the universe to the energy in the Earth’s core. A healthy Hara Line is located in the center of the body. It is straight, well-formed, energized, and well-rooted in the earth’s core.The Hara Line originates in a point that is three and a half feet above the head. Through this point we have a direct connection to the universe. The Hara Line then connects through a point in the chest called the soul seat and continues to the tan tien or chi source which is about 2 and a half inches below the navel. From there the Hara Line continues to the Earth’s core and connects our bio-field with the pulsations of the Earth’s magnetic field. These connections build our electromagnetic bio-field.

During the course of working on clients with the intense trauma release technique, I have noticed that individuals who have experienced any type of trauma have a broken Hara Line. I find that it is broken between the solar plexus and sacral chakras – in the region of the stomach and digestive system. These chakras are where we hold our emotions and traumas. This break in the Hara Line prevents us from being connected to the energy of the Earth’s core. Dr. Valerie Hunt, research scientist and professor emeritus of physiological science at UCLA, demonstrated that when electromagnetism was removed from a room, people “went to pieces.” They had emotional breakdowns for no apparent reason. But when the electromagnetic energy was restored to the room, the individuals found that they felt fine again. Dr. Hunt concluded that this implies that the presence of an electromagnetic field is necessary for an organism to maintain a sense of coherence and togetherness.

During this intense trauma technique, I check the Hara Line and repair it if it is broken. I notice that my clients feel lighter and clearer after they complete their session. If you are interested in this technique, book a session. During the month of October, I am offering this technique for $50 – half of the regular price. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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